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Chinese Medicine Music



 For Personal and Clinical Use

"An exquisite feeling of being supported at all levels"

Chinese Medicine Music

Powerful music designed to fit your needs.

Inspired by principles of Classical Chinese Medicine, which matches specific tones and musical techniques to colors, seasons, stars, planets, organs, emotions, physical and spiritual functions.  Specific influences include the I-Ching ["book of changes"], whose hexagram symbols can be modeled as binary rhythms (e.g. Hexagram 1 ䷀is 6 quarter notes, while hexagram 2 ䷁ is twelve eighth notes.).  According to theory the right rhythm will affect a specific organ.  The right tones will create a specific energy, and the type of movement in music will move the individual in a similar way.  Music that connects to the wood energy, for example, includes the key of E for Wood, as well as C and C# for Liver and Gall-bladder, respectively.  In tone and tempo, it is vigorous, rich, and uplifting.  Listening to it, one's emotions become smoother, planning and envisioning processes are activated, and motivation naturally builds.  Conditions of growth blockage (whether in work, writing, or life), emotional or physical stagnation related to the liver may resolve spontaneously.  If the piece is more specifically focused on the gall-bladder, it may stimulate bravery and assertiveness, resolving excessive timidity.  These are just a few examples of how our music may be used.  For more music theory, including research, disclaimers, and sources of inspiration, click below!

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