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Healing the Skin | Music for All Skin Conditions | Calm Spirit, Tonify Blood, Vent Heat & Open Lungs, Resolve Dampness & Strengthen Spleen, Anchor & Root Kidneys, Harmonize Hun & Po


Using this music: Skin conditions are complex, usually related to emotional, dietary & cognitive tendencies; all of which can be adjusted to help resolve the skin condition. This music is not intended as holistic treatment for skin conditions.  It may be used as adjunctive therapy to help resolve those patterns commonly contributing to skin conditions. We hope you're able to use this music as part of your own journey towards optimal health and wellness.


Medical Disclaimer: This music is designed based on principles of Ancient Chinese Medicine, which matches Notes, Rhythms and Dynamics to different organ systems of the body. These organ systems correspond to a whole range of social, emotional, cognitive & spiritual functions and although share many similarities (as far as physiological function) with their Western Biomedical Equivalents; they are distinctly different and not to be confused. Chinese Medical Organ Systems are energetic forms* which influence and are influenced by the physical form.


While this music is based on time tested (and now increasingly research-verified principles), it has not been clinically tested itself and may not work in the way described. It is up to the listener to verify the effects of the music through time and experience. After some time of experimentation, please share your experiences with us, so together we can come to a more objective understanding of this musical approach. If experiencing any adverse effects from listening to this music, please stop listening immediately and consult your primary health provider.


Designed by Motoyuki [元幸], who is one year away from earning his Doctoral Degree in Classical Chinese Medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine. Motoyuki has also earned his Bachelors of science in Psychology, has Masters-Level training in secondary science education. Motoyuki has trained many years in different forms of Taiji, obtaining a black belt in Taiji* as well as 200-Hour 5 Element Medical Qigong Teaching Certification.

*Energetic is a loose term; in the framework of Anthroposophic Medicine, which offers a complete scientific framework for understanding the connection between thinking, emotion, subtle energetic/etheric processes, and the physical body; Chinese medicine organ systems largely operate on the etheric level; though encompass a wide range of processes ranging from physical function to acting as containers for virtues [that can be cultivated through meditative practices).

Healing the Skin | Music for All Skin Conditions | Calm Spirit [more below]

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    Length: 20 Minutes, 42 Seconds.



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