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Strengthen Lung Yang


Synopsis: "Inhale" | Improve Air Metabolism | Strengthen Lung Function | Strengthen Lung Yang Circulation | Treat Lung Weakness and Cold | Pre-Treatment Music for Clearing Etheric Body Field [Po Spirit], making it more receptive to treatment | Clarifies Boundaries | Transmits Qi of Xin Wei (辛未): SI Fire in Lung Metal


Clinical Usage Guide for “Inhale”


Actions: Promote Inhale Function, Improve Air Metabolism (purification and absorption), Strengthen Lung Function, Clarify, Strengthen Lung Yang (Circulation), Pre-Treatment Music: Clear Etheric Field “Po or Physical Spirit”, Clarify Boundaries


Treats: Lung Weakness and Cold, manifesting as phlegm conditions, chronic cough, asthma, allergic rhinitis and other respiratory issues.


Clinical Protocol: Listen to music 3x/day during somatic meditation (restful time where focus can drift into the body, noting areas of tension and/or focusing on breathing). For acute conditions, listen every day for 10 days. Even if condition is resolved, it is important to continue strengthening the systems that were affected and vulnerable in the first place; thus the 10 day prescription. For chronic conditions, this music may be listened to on a daily basis. Total consistency will lead to the best results. Finding the timing that works for you is important; however, a suitable time to listen is just before or after eating. Use this time to either digest your food and/or life.


Caution: May be overly heating in those with Lung-heat conditions (often presenting with sore throat, bloody sputum and coughing up blood (see “Integrity” [xinmao energy] for these conditions).


This music is based on the energy Xīn wèi (辛未) which describes the particular energy of different months, days and years in the Chinese Calendar. Xīn 辛 represents Yin Metal. It is associated with the lung, structure, refinement. Wèi 未represents Earth of Fire. It is associated with the small intestine, definition, clarity, communication.  


In popular culture and Chinese Cosmology, Xin Wei is associated with the Metal Sheep. Metal Sheep Years include 1931, 1991, and 2051. This music was recorded on a Metal Sheep day (09-25-2020) in the Metal Rat Year.


Designed using principles of Classical Chinese Medicine and Intuitive Energetics. For more information regarding these principles, see our About Page.

Strengthen Lung Yang | Improve Air Absorption, Purification & Circulation

  • One therapeutic-grade 10 minute wav file. Wav Files Highest Quality Sound. Playable on all devices. Download link provided upon purchase.


    File not playing? E-mail us and we will find a solution that works for you.

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