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Upon Purchase, you will receive link to Digital Download of Full 24-Minute Track, Containing Music for Metal Ox & Water Tiger Years [2021 & 2022, respectively; As well as every 60 years after that (2081, 2082, 2141, 2142, Etc.)].  


This Music models the Energy of Metal Ox and Water Tiger Years, helping the listener orient to the energy of those years, as well as the transition between them.  Metal Ox: Timing, Planning, Sustainability.  Water Tiger Traits: Timing, Balance, Refinement & Precision.  Metal Ox is about choosing what we want to sustain and sticking with it; Water Tiger is about fine-tuning and become more precise in the expression of those things we stuck with in the Metal Ox Year.


Using this Music for Maximum Benefit: Study this music until you get sick of it. Take a break. Then study it some more. While listening to the music, it can be helpful to learn more about the metal ox year (excellent article listed at the bottom of this description), how you might be challenged and/or supported, and what to do about it.


How does this music work? This music - designed through careful study and years of contemplation - models the energy of the Metal Ox Year (2021 & Every 60 years thereafter), represented by the Chinese Characters Xīn Chou 辛丑. Mindfully Experiencing this Music will help you understand and digest the energy of the year; allowing you to more quickly open to the Stability, Resiliency & Sustainability embodied by the Metal Ox. Metal Ox Qi supports preparing for the future & putting plans into time; Attuning to the highest standards and sticking with them, reflecting as needed to realign ourselves.


Questions we may be supported in this year: How do I maximize the value of my (limited) time? What do I want to sustain in the long term? What must I do to protect that which I most value? What can I do with absolute consistency? Different people may be more suited to asking different questions, based on their unique constitution. For guidance based on your year of birth, please read that article referenced at the bottom of this description.


Using this Music for Meditation: Play the music, listening closely to the music; Open your senses and try to notice the whole room; Even while maintaining focus on the music. Whenever you notice your focus drifting, Return focus to the music and to expanding your awareness of your surroundings.


This music may also be used as background music. Compared to meditative listening, the effects may take longer to settle in.


Lifestyle Advice: Reflect as often as you need to in order to attune to the energy of nature; Metal Ox Qi has different effects on different people; To see a full description of these dynamics, please read the best article on Metal Ox Year (2021) known to man; written by my colleague Gregory Done, Doctor of Classical Chinese Medicine. Dr. Done’s article provides individualized guidance for navigating this year; depending on the year in which you were born. It’s practical, on point, and fun to share with family and friends:


Music for Everything [2021, 2022, 2081, 2082] | Metal Ox & Water Tiger Years

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