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Musical Toosendan Fruit, Chinaberry.  Use sparingly, in times of energetic stuckness and physical blockage.  If cold, combine with warming things [whether activating stretches, warming herbs or water].  


Herb Description.  Wood within Metal, circulates Qi and clears constraint, moves energy downwards, stimulating and moving junk through the intestines [including parasites]. 


Designed to musically model a herb's effects.  Uses the 11 organ tones (e.g. D# for Large Intestine), 5-Phase Tones (e.g. D for Metal), Tidal Hexagram Rhythms* and intuitive energetics [Lower tones to activate lower parts of body, descending scales to descend energy, harsher tones for Metal, Sudden movement to break Qi, low nourishing and bouncy for Liver, etc.]


Disclaimer: Although the music may replicate some or all of an herbs effects, we make no claim that it actually does so. It was created purely for joy, extended study and experimentation.

With time and further testing, this music may develop into a fully refined clinical product. For now, please enjoy our work!


*Hexagrams are symbols from the I-Ching ["Book of Changes"] that represents the basic energies underneath all worldly and celestial phenomena.  Among the 64 hexagrams, there are 12 "tidal hexagrams" -each of which is associated with a month of the year and a particular organ in the body.  These hexagrams can be translated into musical rhythms that carry the energy of their associated organ [e.g. Hexagram 1 "The Creative" [䷀] can be represented by 6 quarter notes; whereas Hexagram 2 "The Receptive" [䷁] could be represented by 12 eigth notes.]

Musical Toosendan Fruit [Chuān Lìan Zǐ 川楝子] - Study Card and Mp3

  • Upon payment, you will receive a link for digital download of the Study Card and Music File. Specifically, you will receive:

    1 High Quality "Study Card" .png File.  Contains summary of all Herb Functions, Including Comparisons with Other Herbs, Commentary, and Hand-Drawn Energetic Signature by Yours Truly.  All information from Bensky, Clavey, and Stöger's Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica.

    1 HQ mp3 or .wav file. 

  • No refunds available. 

    If you experience technical difficulties with your product [e.g. cannot open file, need different file type], please send us an e-mail and we will get everything sorted out for you.  In the ideal situation you have either a g-mail or drop-box account, and we can get your product to you that way.  Otherwise we can brainstorm alternatives together!

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