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Meditation Music

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If you have been helped by this music, please consider donating what the music is worth to you.  

All proceeds go towards funding this website and supporting us as we develop health education initiatives such as

Holistic Health Camp for Teens, Tai Chi Foundations 4 Life Course & Chinese Medicine Music Therapy.  

Your contributions will also go towards a number of income-based scholarships for these programs. 

Please enjoy these insight-oriented meditation sounds ;)

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Listening Instructions


Listen to as background music, or follow the

instructions for a divine meditation experience.  


  1. Find a quiet place free of distraction for the next 5 minutes.

  2. Relax into a comfortable position and start the music.

  3. Allow yourself to relax deeply, observing breath and body.

  4. Watch belly rise upon inhale, and fall upon exhale.

  5. When attention drifts to un-inspiring thought,
    gently return focus to the Breath.

    Repeat as needed.  
    For Longer Sessions, 
    Set Up Timer & Music to Repeat.  
    Go out into the world & apply what you learned.  


 Pro Meditation Tip: Whether you choose to listen to body, breath and/or music, 

Stick with your focus point for the duration of each 5 minute session. 


Affirmation & Music Design


“What do all conscious beings in the multiverse need to hear in order to resonate with their divine potential, no matter time or place?  May this music flow through me with perfect clarity for the next five minutes! Amen.”


Enlightenment Music is the result of practicing this Affirmation every day for the last three years.   Only the finest recordings have been selected for your listening, characterized by a state Total Presence to this Affirmation, free of external thinking.

      Motoyuki [元幸] Music                                                                                                                                           © 2020, All Rights Reserved.

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