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Listening Instructions: Listen to while Well-Rested and in a Relaxed Position.  Be Still and Listen on Repeat; Up to 3 Times per Session.  Listen to through Nice Headphones or Through Speakers for a Special "Sound Bath" Experience.


Actions: Clears Blockage and Alleviates Pain in Pelvic and Chest Region, Opens the Airways and Promotes Circulation in Body and Brain. 


Indications: Use in cases of Cold Congealing and Blocking Circulation, Creative Stagnation such as Writers Block, or other cases of blockage.   


Contraindications: Do not use While Driving, While Fatigued, or When Experiencing Intense Heat (Unless Stagnant and Transforming Cold is it's root).


Musically Models Lindera Root's [Wu Yao's] Actions.  Designed using principles of Classical Chinese Medicine and Intuitive Energetics.  For more information regarding these principles, see our About Page.  

Musical Lindera Root (Wu Yao) | Open & Warm Abdomen & Pelvic Bowl, Remove Cold

  • Two 10 Minute Soundtracks, One Herb Info Sheet.

    Herb Info Sheet: Pdf File Containing Herb Actions, Indications, Images, Combinations, Therapuetic Uses, Basic Energy Signature, Medical Research Summary, Etymological and Ecological Information. 


    Soundtracks: Two 10 Minute Wav Files, Musically Modeling Lindera Root.  Wav Files Highest Quality Sound. Playable on all devices. Download link provided upon purchase.


    File not playing? E-mail us and we will find a solution that works for you.

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