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For best results, find a quiet place to sit, find a comfortable position, be still and listen without distraction.  For longer meditations, place the track on repeat.  


Designed using the 12-tone system of Ancient China, this music models the maximum expansion of the mind.  When planning a goal or project, the liberated individual is able to keep the end in mind - thinking and seeing as far ahead as possible, stopping before thinking becomes redundant.  This music may be useful when thinking about goals or projects, when feeling stuck or the feeling of being boxed in.  


Correspondences in Chinese Medicine


In Chinese medical terms, this music is designed to nourish the liver yin while expanding the liver yang.  Grounding tones correspond to the liver yin, while the rhythms correspond to expansion and to the refinement of metal. 


In organ terms, this song represents the movement of large intestine energy (refinement, bottom-line thinking, specific details) into the liver (planning, motivational processes).  On the chinese calendar, this energetic corresponds to the energy of yǐ máo (乙卯).


In lifestyle science, this energetic corresponds to the Specific aspect of SMART goals, in which we visualize our goal in the greatest detail possible.  

Piano For Expanding Consciousness

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