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Listen through speakers to enjoy a special “sound bath” experience.


Recorded on and inspired by September 4th, 2019 - a Jiǎ Wǔ' [甲午] day on the Chinese Calendar. Jiǎ [甲] corresponds to Assertiveness, Decision Making, Starting Anew and the Gallbladder. Wǔ [午] corresponds to Openness, Clearing Space for Receptivity, Listening, and the Heart. Whereas Jiǎ corresponds to the return of light just after Winter Solstice, Wǔ corresponds to summer solstice - the time of year when solar energy is at its peak.


Together, Jiǎwǔ corresponds to the stage of decision making in which we become very still, clear out our thoughts and listen to our inner wisdom. At this stage, we cannot force action.  Instead we must embrace non-action, becoming completely present and at peace with the Unknown.  At the same time, we must be completely willing to trust and follow the answer that finally arises [knowing that it is an expression of our deeper wisdom].  The more we engage with this [part of the] process of finding our way, the more faith and inner peace we have in the face of the Unknown.  To clear out, listen deeply, peacefully wait, and follow the wisdom that arises - This is Jiǎwǔ.

Reflecting on the Path - Piano Improvisation | Theme: Contemplation

  • 40 Min Wav File Highest Quality Sound. Playable on all devices. Download link provided upon purchase.

    File not playing? E-mail us and we will find a solution that works for you.


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