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The second iteration of Elemental Healing Sounds, incorporating the benefits of 60-beats-per-minute music and the 5 elemental healing sounds of Chinese Medicine.  Sixty BPM is associated with resting heart rate and elevated states of consciousness.  The relaxing tempo can be used as a pacemaker during meditation or other spiritual practices such as breathwork, yoga or tai chi.  You may inhale and exhale during the chord changes in order to regulate the breathing in an even and controlled manner.  If you want to feel more active, you can experiment with a longer inhale.  If you want to feel more relaxed, you can experiment with a longer exhale.  If you want to experience something rather transcendental, you can extend the time you are breathing in or out to 8, 12, or 16 beats; or experience the space between breaths for a certain amount of time.  


The 5 pentatonic or elemental sounds are matched to seasons of the year, organ systems and emotions.  They were originally documented in the Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic of Chinese Medicine, and were originally associated with giant bells that were played during various seasons of the year for specific ceremonies - both for healing purposes and for stimulating joy, harmony and balance.  Modern research has transposed these ancient frequencies into the tone system we use today (e.g. A = Water Note; C = Earth Note; D = Metal,  E = Wood, G = Fire).  For the full description of these elemental associations, see our video descriptions on YouTube.  

Tai Chi Music for the Soul

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